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Aqueous suspension/Injectable antibiotic

Category: Anti-Microbial

Species: Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Horses

Active Ingredients: penicillin G procaine

What is ProPen-G®?

Penicillin G Procaine Injectable Suspension is available in 100 mL, 250 mL and 500 mL multiple-dose vials. Each mL contains: Active Ingredients: Penicillin G potassium 300,000 units*, Procaine hydrochloride 130.8 mg*. Inactive Ingredients: Methylparaben 1.3 mg, Propylparaben 0.2 mg, Sodium citrate 10 mg, Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 1 mg, Povidone 5 mg, Lecithin 6 mg, Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate 0.2 mg, Procaine hydrochloride 20 mg, and Water for Injection, q.s
*Penicillin G potassium and Procaine hydrochloride react to form penicillin G procaine.


cow product


For the treatment of:

  • bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever) caused by Pasteurella multocida
sheep product


For the treatment of:

  • bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever) caused by Pasteurella multocida
pig product


For the treatment of:

  • erysipelas caused by Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae
horse product


For the treatment of:

  • strangles caused by Streptococcus equi.


  • Versatile: Treats a variety of infections in a number of species
  • Proven effective: Millions of doses delivered worldwide
  • Fast acting: Noticeable improvement within 36 to 48 hours
  • Safe: Approved by FDA

Withdrawal Period

CattleNon-ruminating calvesSheepPigsHorses
Meat and Offal4 days7 days8 days6 daysNot for use in horses intended for food.
MilkMilk taken from animals during treatment and for 48 hours after the last treatment must not be used for food.

Pack Size

List No.Pack SizeCase Size
1PRO304100 mL12
1PRO305250 mL12
1PRO306500 mL12