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Tackle coccidiosis with easy-to-use oral solution

Category: Anti-Microbial

Species: Turkeys, Chickens

Active Ingredients: amprolium

What is AmproMedTM P for Poultry?

AmproMedTM P for Poultry is an easy to use oral solution for treating coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys, and laying hens


AmproMedTM P for Poultry 9.6% Oral Solution is intended for the treatment of coccidiosis in growing chickens, turkeys, and laying hens. If no improvement is noted within 3 days, have the diagnosis confirmed and follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist. Losses may result from intercurrent disease or other conditions affecting drug intake which can contribute to the virulence of coccidiosis under field conditions.


  • Effective
    Breaks up the coccidia life cycle
  • Convenient
    Works in automatic drinking water proportioners to treat the entire flock
    Readily accepted by birds in the drinking water
  • Economical
    At the recommended 0.012% level:
    • 1 gallon of oral solution treats 800 gallons of drinking water
  • Safe
    approved by FDA

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1AMP0241 gallon4