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(hyaluronic acid + chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine sterile solution)

About Bimeda Global

A Global Presence with Irish Roots

With half a century’s experience in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products, Bimeda is a well-established global presence in the vet-pharma industry. Since our founding, in Ireland, in 1960, the company’s impressive growth has helped us achieve a truly global footprint that now stretches over 80 countries and across 6 continents.

11 manufacturing facilities in 8 countries

10 manufacturing facilities
in 7 countries

More than 950 employees worldwide

+ employees

9 research and development laboratories

8 R & D and
7 Regulatory labs

Operations in more than 80 countries

Operations in
more than
80 countries

Global Manufacturing Capabilities

Bimeda has ten manufacturing facilities, across seven countries; all operating to the highest regulatory standards. We manufacture numerous dose forms, with the capacity for both sterile and non-sterile production.

Advanced Research & Development

While our customer-focused culture and an ethos of continuous improvement ensure customers’ current needs and expectations are routinely surpassed, our global R&D program is committed to anticipating the future needs of the animal health sector. Our continued investment in eight state-of-the-art laboratories across four continents is demonstrative of this commitment to serving the future needs of the global animal health market.


To be the partner of choice for optimizing the health and wellbeing of the world’s animals.


We are passionate about providing solutions to help animal lovers and animal health professionals optimize the health and wellbeing of animals around the world.


To succeed in our mission and vision, we are guided in our work by our Bimeda Values. Through our commitment to our Bimeda Values, we are able to continuously drive our business forward and surpass the expectations of our customers each and every day.

Our 5 Core Values



(tylosin injection)

BimaGard 12.5% Liquid Concentrate

(tiamulin hydrogen fumarate)


(ivermectin and clorsulon)

Dear Customers, Distributors, Suppliers, and Friends,

As we all continue to adapt to the fast-changing COVID-19 situation, we would like to inform you of the measures which Bimeda has put in place to safeguard our colleagues and ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

Welfare of all Bimeda colleagues

The health, safety and well-being of our colleagues, their families, and the wider community is our highest priority. We have adopted practices in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, the CDC local governments and local health authorities.

These practices, together with our internal policies will ensure that we maintain safe working environments for all our Bimeda colleagues in the face of this pandemic.

Manufacture and Supply of Product

All Bimeda’s manufacturing facilities are currently fully operational and we continue to release product to market. We are liaising with our suppliers and channel partners to ensure continuity of supply to our customers.

Bimeda’s ability to supply the market has not currently been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and we have no immediate concerns. However, this is a fluid situation, and we will ensure our customers are kept updated as this situation evolves.  We would like to reassure you that we are doing everything within our power to ensure that our customers continue to be supplied by our products.

Customer Queries

For any queries, customers should continue to call or email your local sales representative or customer service team. Please note that all our Field and Technical representatives as well as our customer service teams are working remotely.

Our Commitment

Bimeda and our customers play a vital role in ensuring the ongoing health and productivity of animals which form a critical part of human food supply and we remain committed to maintaining ongoing product availability at this challenging and unprecedented time.

Thank You

We all, as members of the global community, are facing a challenging and difficult time. To our Customers, Distributors, Suppliers and Friends we thank you for your continued support and we wish you all continued health and safety.

Donal Tierney, Group CEO

24th March 2020

**NOTICE – Veterinary (Rx) items are available only through your veterinarian. This is a list of Retailers who have purchased stock of Bimeda OTC (over-the-counter) products. Inventory and stock levels can change daily and we cannot guarantee Retailers carry what you are looking for. We recommend contacting your Retailer directly. Please contact us at 1-888-524-6332 or for any assistance you may need.


(penicillin G benzathine and penicillin G procaine injectable suspension)

I was skeptical that ConfidenceEQ would work on my 10-year-old, off-the-track Thoroughbred gelding. He was inconsolable when separated from his stablemate — running and screaming for her until utterly exhausted. Letting them be together at pasture only reinforced the bond. ConfidenceEQ helped with his anxiety. After two weeks of use prior to afternoon pasture time, he is a completely normal horse. I’m amazed! No more drama around here! Around our ranch, we refer to it as ‘mama gel.’


icon environment
New Environments

iconvet visits
Social Separation

I used a sample of ConfidenceEQ yesterday on my Friesian/Arabian cross, and we had the most comfortable ride ever. ConfidenceEQ allowed him to focus on our training and diminished distractions. I’m totally amazed and ordered more this morning. What a great training tool. Thank you, thank you!


icon training

While on a ride, my horse and I were attacked by an unbroken six-year-old Arabian stud who had gotten away from his owner. We were both traumatized. He wouldn't even go past our property when I tried to ride him a couple of days after the incident. I called my veterinarian to see if there was anything I could give him to help him get through this trauma. He recommended ConfidenceEQ. The first time I used it on him, it was evident he was easier to work with. We can now go on our favorite trails without him shaking, flaring his nostrils, repeatedly backing up and basically refusing to go off of our property. I would highly recommend ConfidenceEQ to anyone having problems with their horses due to fearful or traumatic situations; it really works!


icon training

iconvet visits
Vet Visits

In the last few years, my horse has developed a gate issue. Once, my horse reared straight up and jumped — very dangerous! After that episode, my veterinarian of 20 years recommended trying ConfidenceEQ. Now, my horse is well behaved at the gate, which gives us the best chance for a good, clean run. All my competitors have noticed the change and are talking about how good he’s going in. This is the most incredible product I have ever used! My horse is now respectful at the gate, and it makes competing much more enjoyable.


icon training

icon vet visits
Vet Visits

icon competing

I have been using Confidence EQ for the last month and couldn't be happier with the results. My horse Kaptain America is very sensitive and can get distracted very easily. I find Confidence EQ allows him to be more focused on the task at hand, and therefore giving a better performance.


icon training

icon competing

My 23-year-old thoroughbred lost an eye three years ago and he has had a difficult adjustment. I have used ConfidenceEQ to help him feel more relaxed under the saddle and when we go to the veterinarian's clinic. He responds nicely.


iconvet visits
Farrier Visits

I rarely trailer my horse. When I do, the experience is uncomfortable at best. At worst, he will rear, buck and kick when attempting to load. I used a sample of ConfidenceEQ, followed the directions and watched in amazement as my gelding walked right on the trailer. He was alert, aware and had a happy — almost eager — expression on his face. He was quiet the whole trip and unloaded perfectly. I recommend this product without reservation.


icon transportation

icon environment
New Environments

iconvet visits
Social Separation

I have used Confidence EQ many times and am very pleased with this product. I have used it with my own anxious horses that consistently paw and damage the floor mats in the trailer when going to a show. I found that when using Confidence EQ they looked relaxed when unloading. In addition, I also have used it on animals that would not enter a starting gate and horses that I am moving away from companions to a new barn. Typically these horses would pace the stall when separated from friends. With Confidence EQ they eat well and are comfortable. These are just a few instances where I have used this product successfully. I recommend this product as a useful tool in helping horses manage stressful situations.


icon transportation

icon environment
New Environments

icon vet visits
Vet Visits

iconvet visits
Social Separation

I have a colt who was feral when I rescued him but progressed wonderfully through his training. When it came time to move him to a new pasture, I was very apprehensive about trailering. He only had one trailering experience in his life, and it was coming to me from where he was captured — it didn’t go well. I heard great things about Confidence EQ® from my veterinary customers who use it in their practices, and I had a sample packet on hand. So, I decided to use it before we trailered him. I am still in shock as to how smoothly things went. My little formerly feral colt walked up and looked at the trailer, alert yet relaxed. He stood there for a moment, and then followed me into the trailer like a seasoned pro! I love that he was tranquil but not tranquilized. He was well aware of what was going on, but comfortable and taking it all in. It was truly a learning experience for him! As a Henry Schein Animal Health representative, I can now wholeheartedly endorse Confidence EQ with a personal experience to back it up!


icon transportation

icon environment
New Environments

Confidence EQ®


Custom Vaccines

(autogenous vaccines)

Detomequin (RX)

(detomidine hydrochloride)

Dexium® (Rx)


Dexium-SP (Rx)

(dexamethasone sodium phosphate)

EnroMed® 100



(ivermectin and praziquantel)


(pyrantel pamoate)

Flunazine® (Rx)

(flunixin meglumine)

Flunazine®-S (Rx)

(flunixin meglumine)

Generics can provide a veterinary practice with options for its client base.


The conversation on generics and premier brands doesn’t have to be an either/or debate. Generics and premier brands can co-exist within the same practice, offering pet owners their preference of brand familiarity or cost-conscious purchases.

Brands still represent the majority of what is sold in a practice, and veterinarians love the advertising and marketing the brands do to create demand. There’s an opportunity for the veterinarian with generic medications to be competitive in the marketplace and have a mix where they can offer both. They can analyze their own customer base to figure out who might prefer which, generic vs. a premier brand.


In human health, the generics are driven largely by third party pay activities, meaning insurance companies. In animal health, there aren’t insurance companies saying you’ve got to give the least expensive treatment that is viable for a particular scenario that will treat, cure, or prevent something. The generic battles are pretty easy for the generic manufacturers on the human side. It’s all about price and volume. It’s not driven by the manufacturer – it’s driven by the insurance companies and the pharmacies.

In human health, insurance forces the issue, with generics taking nearly 100% of the pioneer’s market share in year one. Generics will drive down the prices via contract pricing with insurance companies, and when patients go to get a script filled it will be filled with a generic unless you force the issue and are willing to pay a lot more for the drug out-of-pocket.

In animal health, pioneer brands can continue to thrive or at least survive in most cases for years after generics launch. There is no insurance reimbursement dictating, and veterinarians are slow to change. A lot of the growth we see is really not from stealing share from a pioneer brand, it comes from naïve users that are moving up from less effective meds and can afford a Rx product at the lower price point. There are many DVMs that still have a bias against generics. Some buy into the perception that animal health generics may have less quality and may be less effective than pioneer brands. Human physicians understand most generics are made in the same regulated suites as the pioneer brands in there is not a clinical difference.

Veterinary medicine is starting to see pressure from the internet, which is bringing more awareness to the lesser-priced, equal-medication Rxs. By equal, it’s got to have the same active ingredient, the same milligram strength, dosage, administration, efficacy – all those things need to be on par with whichever premier drug that they’re representing as a generic. But we don’t have a major influence that’s pushing generic.


Generics can be a win-win for both the vet clinic and clients for several reasons. Vet clinics can charge clients less for their meds while making more margin dollars. More clients can now afford drugs that may have to be given every day for the rest of their pet’s lives. Those dollars can add up. Clients on fixed incomes may have made tough decisions that did not benefit their pets in the past, that can now afford their meds.

Another factor to consider is that generics can help keep the dollars in the veterinary clinic. Clients can easily shop and learn that a generic form of a pioneer drug is available on online pharmacies. If a veterinarian does not offer the less expensive generic form, their client may buy the drug the first time it is prescribed, but they’ll lose it to an online retailer the next 100 times they get a refill.

A small veterinary clinic in an affluent metropolitan area might be a prime target for premier. A mixed animal practice in a more rural area that serves large animal clients as well as companion with a much higher volume of work might be more in tune with generics. That said, assuming what your client really wants or is willing to pay can mean missed opportunities either way.

Benefits of veterinarians offering generics to owners

Benefits for veterinary clinics that offer generics to clients:

  • FDA approved. Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application (ANADA) products, referred to as “generic,” have the benefit of being FDA approved, have proven the same bioequivalence and cGMP manufacturing standards of the pioneer product, but without the higher price tag. Many FDA manufacturing facilities have both “generic” and “pioneer” products produced on the same line. Both have the exact same requirements by the FDA.
  • Owner compliance. A generic could make the difference between whether an animal owner can comply with a treatment option or not. This could be due to the financial burden the more expensive pioneer products have versus using a lower cost generic.
  • Straightforward pricing. From the veterinarians’ standpoint, many prefer the straightforward/upfront generics pricing without the hassle of complicated rebate programs and backend money from some pioneer companies and products.
  • Food animal industry. For food animal veterinarians it becomes an economic decision as their customers are trying to make a living producing pigs, cattle, or poultry. Generics that have entered the market have lowered the customer price by as much as 50%.
  • Readily accepted and expected. Just as in human medicine where generics are readily accepted by the consumer, so too are generics accepted in animal medicine. The lower price points are accepted by animal owners, and all veterinarians need to be prepared to offer generics as an alternative or risk their customer going somewhere else for services.
  • Financial. Generics provide an alternative to higher priced pioneer products to animal owners that may have financial limitations and otherwise might not be able to provide the proper medical and treatment care due to limited financial means.
  • Competition is good. Generics provide a level of competition and options for both the veterinarian and their customers.
  • Multiple sources. With supply chain issues occurring more frequently, it can negatively affect product availability, ensuring generic products are inventoried provides more supplier alternatives.
  • Availability. In some cases, the pioneer manufacturer does not sell products through all distribution channels, so an opportunity may arise with generics.
  • Inventory is the #2 biggest clinic cost. On average, next to payroll, inventory costs account for the #2 largest piece of the 'expenses pie'. Offering generics can contribute help with decreasing overall Inventory costs and Increasing margins on that Inventory.
  • Options. When being offered 2 choices, a client is more likely to choose 1 option rather than declining altogether.

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LevaMed Soluble Pig Wormer

(levamisole hydrochloride)


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(lincomycin injection)

LinxMed-SP® (Rx)

(lincomycin hydrochloride)


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Oxytocin (Rx)

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(penicillin G potassium, USP)

PolyCHEWS® + Krill

(joint support supplement)

the findings of this study do not correlate with what I have seen in 9 years of using this product in a clinical setting, and I disagree with the conclusion that Polyglycan® may be harmful to the joint when administered IV.
Although the experimental model used in this study is the best model available for measuring changes in the joint environment using different medications, in my opinion, the model, as an acute chip fracture, does not replicate the disease process that I see in practice. Hopefully, the findings of this article will lead to new experiments & new discoveries about the processes involved with osteoarthritis.

C.R. Johnson, DVM, MS, DACVS
Equine Surgical Services, Versailles, KY

Veterinarian response to a recently published study & article that raised concerns of Polyglycan® safety if adminstered intravenously.

We’ve used over 50,000 mL of Polyglycan® in our practice giving us a high level of comfort and confidence in its applications.
To date there have been no adverse events to be reported by our clients or our practice.
Through my peer group I have not had conversations to suggest that their experience has been different. In my opinion, application of Polyglycan® has benefitted the joint health and the overall well-being of horses that I have had the privilege to be the caregiver.

Chris Morrow, DVM
Mobile Veterinary Practice, Amarillo, TX

Veterinarian response to a recently published study & article that raised concerns of Polyglycan® safety if adminstered intravenously.

I have continued to use Polyglycan® as a standard postoperative parenteral treatment as well for essentially all of my orthopedics.
I have encountered no adverse effects either locally within the joint or any systemic reactions from either route of administration of Polyglycan®.

Robert J. Hunt, DVM, MS, Diplomate
ACVS Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, Lexington, KY

Veterinarian response to a recently published study & article that raised concerns of Polyglycan® safety if adminstered intravenously.

Polyglycan® (Rx)

(hyaluronic acid + chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine sterile solution)

Polyglycan®-HV (Rx)

(hyaluronic acid + chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine sterile solution)

Polyglycan®-SA (Rx)

(hyaluronic acid + chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine sterile solution)


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  • PROFILES AND INFERENCES: Inferences drawn from any of the information identified above to create a profile about a resident reflecting the resident’s preferences, characteristics, and predispositions.

Residents of California have the right under the CCPA to make the following requests, up to twice in a twelve month (12)  period:

  • The right to request a copy of the personal data/information that we have collected about you in the prior 12 months. 
  • The right to request details about the categories of personal data/information we collect, the categories of sources, the business or commercial purposes for collecting information, and the categories of third parties with which we share information.
  • The right to request deletion of the personal data/information that we have collected about you, subject to certain exemptions.
  • The right to opt-out of sale of your personal data/information, in the event Bimeda ever decides to sell  your personal data/information. 

The CCPA prohibits discrimination against California consumers for exercising their rights under the CCPA and imposes requirements on any financial incentives offered to California consumers related to their personal data/information, unless the different prices, rates, or quality of goods or services are reasonably related to the value of the consumer’s data. We do not discriminate against any consumers who elect to exercise their CCPA rights.  


If you have any concerns or questions about this Privacy Policy, and the privacy practices set forth herein, including your dealings with this Web Site and California Consumer Rights, please contact us directly as follows:

Bimeda Inc. Head Office
One Tower Lane, Suite 2250
Oakbrook Terrace, IL

You can contact us by post at the above address, by email at or by telephone on [*] (toll free).

Effective from 1 January 2020

Pro-Bac Vaccines

(killed bacterial vaccines)


(penicillin G procaine injectable suspension)

With half a century’s experience in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products, Bimeda is a well-established global presence in the vet-pharma industry. Since our founding, in Ireland, in the mid-1960s, the company’s impressive growth has helped us achieve a truly global footprint that now stretches over 80 countries and across 6 continents.

With half a century’s experience in the manufacture, distribution and marketing of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products, Bimeda is a well-established global presence in the vet-pharma industry. Since our founding, in Ireland, in the mid-1960s, the company’s impressive growth has helped us achieve a truly global footprint that now stretches over 80 countries and across 6 continents.

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SMZ-Med® 454 (Rx)

(sodium sulfamethazine)


(lincomycin-spectinomycin soluble powder)

Stimulator® Vaccines

(modified live virus vaccines)



Tandem Oral

(hyaluronic acid + chondroitin sulfates C4 & C6 + N-acetyl-D-glucosamine)


(tetracycline hydrochloride)

Tetroxy® 25 (Rx)

(oxytetracycline hydrochloride)

TETROXY® 343 (Rx)

(oxytetracycline hydrochloride)

Tetroxy® HCA-1400 (Rx)

(oxytetracycline hydrochloride)

Tetroxy® HCA-1772 (Rx)

(oxytetracycline hydrochloride)

Tetroxy® HCA-280 (Rx)

(oxytetracycline hydrochloride)

Tildren® (Rx)

(tiludronate disodium)

Viceton® Tablets (Rx)



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